Application Form for Arbitrators

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Personal Address
Business address
Business Personal
Academic qualification(s)
Please provide photocopied evidence of your university degree duly certified in the country of issuance with a legalized translation into English. Please attach evidence of any other relevant academic qualifications, if any
ID Degree Dates obtained Institution Name Location
ID Languages Written Spoken
Employment History for legal professionals
Outline your employment history for at least the past 6 years and attach any relevant employment certificates.
ID Organization Name Position Date Responsibility in Brief
Employment History for non-legal professionals
Outline your employment history for at least the past 8 years and attach any relevant employment certificates
Fields of Expertise
Please select areas of Specialization
Commercial Law Construction Law Oil & Gas Law Banking
Company Law Contract Law Environmental Law Bankruptcy
Competition Law Air Law Sharia Law Engineering
Conflicts of Law Maritime Law Intellectual Property Royalties
Insurance Foreign Investment Transfer Technology Taxation
Jurisdictional Experience
Outline the national jurisdiction(s) and legal system(s), to which your academic qualification(s) and practice pertain
Dispute Resolution/Arbitration Training
Please set out any training programs in dispute resolution and arbitration that you have taken and provide evidence of completion of such training(s)
ID Program Title Date Institute Name Other Relevant Information
Arbitration Experience
Please indicate demonstrable arbitration experience with proven track of working on arbitration-related matters. For this purpose, you may provide recommendation letters and/or set out the number and nature of cases in which you participated as an arbitrator and/or advocate with any supporting documentation that you are able to provide. Please note
- Where the arbitration has been under an arbitral institution, please provide the reference number for each case.
- Where the arbitration is Ad Hoc; please provide an abbreviated reference of the parties without violating confidentiality.
ID Arbitral Institution Name and/or Case Ref. No. Nature of dispute Approximate sum in dispute Date of award rendered
*If further information is required, the candidate may be individually contacted for an interview. Such interview may be face to face or otherwise conducted online or by telephone. Further, the candidate might be asked to submit up to three redacted awards that he/she had rendered from the list set out above.
Please provide us with information about your intellectual contribution to your field of expertise.
Professional Membership
Please list all dispute resolution institutes/ organizations of which you are a member.
ID Organization Name Date of Admission Status
Additional Information
Provide any other information that supports your application and evidences your professional standing in your field of work and your ability to deliver independent and unbiased rulings. Attach extra documents as necessary.
Registration Fee and Renewal
A non-refundable registration fee of AED 500 must accompany this application. If your application is successful, the validity of your registration will be two years, unless revoked by DIAC or you expressly request your name to be removed from the list.
I, the undersigned, hereby confirm that the above information is true, complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge. "I further confirm my understanding that the consideration of my application is subject to the payment of the registration fee and that, if applicable, upon the expiration of the validity of my registration, my name will be removed from the DIAC's list of registered arbitrators, if I do not comply with the renewal policy."